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” Joining Javits in the annihilation of White Christian America, were The American Council for Judaism, The Jewish Federation, B’nai B’rith, and the Jewish-run ACLU. Reacting to this tidal wave of Third World immigrants, white citizens of America are enclosing themselves in “implicit white communities” rather than fighting back POLITICALLY to prevent further ruination of their nation by the “hostile elite” which now rules America. And controlling the levers of political influence is now clearly in the hands of the Zionist cabal.

Passage of the legislation changed our historic immigration policy from a quota based preference system to one involving chain immigration where an unlimited number of families of immigrants were allowed entry. An in-your-face-demonstration of Jewry’s political hegemony is the arrival of Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court.

But a grassroots movement that recognizes the need to stop the “over-representation” of American Jewry is a viable vision for the near future.

Morocco, the westernmost country in North Africa, has a rich and treasured Jewish history dating back to antiquity, including legends that say Jews settled in the country before the destruction of the First Temple.

In another legend, it is related that Joab was sent to Morocco to fight the Philistines, who had been driven out of Canaan; an inscription describing this expedition is said to have existed near the present-day town of Zagora.

According to later traditions, thousands of Spanish Jews had settled in Africa by 693.It is told that these Jews, together with their Moroccan coreligionists, plotted to conquer or deliver Spain into the hands of the more tolerant Muslims (694).Some historians maintain that there were Jews among the Berber-Muslim invaders of Spain in 711.It was situated near the present-day town of Sefrou.Other tribes, such as the Barghwāṭa, were also heavily Judaized.

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